June  4th.  2010
List of top 10 most selling videogames for xbox 360 (John you told me that call of duty modern warfare was number one) :(

List of top 10 most selling videogames for xbox 360 (John you told me that call of duty modern warfare was number one) :(

June  1st.  2010
Fail. This happened to my ipad, my sister was trying to figure out the password, and she 
But after a couple minutes that sign went away

Fail. This happened to my ipad, my sister was trying to figure out the password, and she 


But after a couple minutes that sign went away

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The Black Hole 


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Religion Project Reflection

posted 4 years ago

Over the last few weeks the sixth and seventh grade had been working on their religion projects. We had the opportunity to work on groups or alone, I personally picked to work alone, I picked this just because I had worked in groups in the last two projects (Middle Ages and Renascence.) I was able to choose any religion I wanted, so I picked Greek Mythology. I worked very hard and was able to take notes and write a “Myth.” I was hoping to be able to write an essay, I missed one week of school, so I wasn’t really able to write one. 

I wasn’t really ready to present my project to the class, but I did and it didn’t come out so bad, it was actually good, although it was a bit short. After everyone sent me their feedback I thought that I had done a really good job, but I also thought that a lot of people had some really good feedback for me, some of the feedback included my presentation being longer and more informative. And other people said that an intro to the story would have helped.

Overall I think that I did a really good job, but I also think that one more week could have given me the chance to write an essay. I think that I could have made something else, sort of like the book that Taelon made. 

May  28th.  2010

Patricia va a California

posted 4 years ago

En mi grupo de español estamos haciendo una película sobre el libro de patricia va a California. Pero nuestra película no tiene nada que ver con el libro, nuestra película es de tres personas ricas, las cuales tienen “butlers.” cuando uno de los tres butlers se muere las personas ricas se pelean por los otros dos butlers. En la semana pasada nosotros escribimos las escenas, y empezamos la película. 

May  27th.  2010

Science: eyes that go moo.

posted 4 years ago

Today we dissected some cow eyes at science class, I really liked this, this is because I had never done a dissection before and this one was really cool. I remember that at some parts I even forgot that it was a cow eye. I rally liked using the tolls like the scalpel, I also enjoyed looking at the inside of an eye. I thought that the eye would actually be rounder, I also thought that the lens would be smaller. There was allot of things that I didn’t expect like the liquid inside the eye (I can’t remember the name.) Overall dissecting an eye was really cool and even though some people thought that it was gross I personally thought that it was really cool.

May  26th.  2010

Notes that I took w/Bibliography

posted 4 years ago

Greek Mythology Notes

Twelve Main Gods and very short summary of each
Zeus: God of the sky and the ruler of Olympus Brother of Poseidon and Hades
Poseidon: God of the sea sometimes called the “Earth-Shaker” Brother of Zeus and Hades
Hades: God of the underworld. Was tricked by Zeus and Poseidon, they tricked him into ruling the underworld. Brother of Zeus and Poseidon
Hestia: Sister of Zeus, and goddess of the Hearth, She is one of the virgin goddesses.
Hera: Sister and wife of Zeus, was raised by the Titans and is the Goddess of marriage and Childbirth.
Ares: Son of Zeus and Hera, is the God of war.
Athena: Goddess of reason and intelligence, she was born of the head of Zeus, and is one of the virgin goddess.
Apollo: The God of prophecies, light, truth, and the bow and arrow. His twin sister is Artemis
Aphrodite: Goddess of love, was born when Uranus was castrated by his son Cronus, Cronus threw the severed genitals into the ocean and she was born.
Hermes: Is the son of Zeus and Maia and is the god of animal husbandry, roads, travel, hospitality, heralds, diplomacy, trade, thievery, language, writing, persuasion, cunning wiles, athletic contests, gymnasiums, astronomy, and astrology
Artemis: One of the three Virgin goddesses and twin sister of Apollo, she is the goddess of the Hunt, and the Moon.
Hephaestus: Son of Zeus and Hera was flung off Mt. Olympus because he was ugly, and is god of fire and the forge.


Demi-Gods are half god half human they are born from having a Human parent which Normally takes care of them, some Demi-Gods became really famous in Greek mythology like Hercules, or Perseus. They have god-like powers which resemble the powers of their God Parents. Even though Demi-gods are half god they are still affected by Human weapons and can fight gods and normal people. In Greek Mythology a Immortal could not fight a mortal unless the mortal attacked first, this is why Demi-gods could fight gods.

Titans:The Titans are the fathers of the gods and some other characters in Greek Mythology. The Titans were like gods, they ruled the world before the gods did. Cronus (The Titan Lord) was the Titan of time, he and Rhea gave birth to 6 gods which are Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter and Hera, and Hestia. When Cornus learned that he was going to be overthrown by his kids he ate them, Rhea got angry and when the sixth child, Zeus was born rhea gave Cronus a rock instead of Zeus. Zeus was then raised by wood nymphs and when he grew up he gave his father a poison that made him throw up, thus the other gods were free and they helped chop up cronus and later cast all the Titans away into Tartarus (prison in the underworld.) 


All the monsters are sons of Typhon. Typhon is the son of Cronus, and is extremely powerful. He almost defeated all the Main Gods once. The Gods were ale to defeat Typhon and Typhon joined his father in Tartarus. The monsters in Greek Mythology are mostly combinations of humans and animals like a centaur is half horse half human. They also had some monsters that could regenerate like the Hydra.


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Greek Legend

posted 4 years ago

Three Hellhounds, two Hydras, and one Scylla. I grip Ο Άγιος (The Holy One) and charge; my sword passes harmlessly through a mortal and goes through the left head of the Hydra. As soon as I look back, I know I made a bad decision—the Hydra regenerates two heads and charges. Fire and blood are flying through the air. The Hydra breaths fire and I roll. I use my shield and smack the Hydra in the head. The Hydra uses one of her heads to smack my shield and send me flying back fifty yards. 

I recover and charge, but this time I go for the Hellhound, and trust me, if you have never seen a hellhound then you probably don’t want to see one. They look just like a great Dane, except they are about the size of house and they are just a bit heavier than one too. I hit the hellhound in the mouth and make a quick roll to the left. I try a jab to the heart, but he’s quick and dives out of the way. I jump and aim straight for the Scylla which uses one of its heads to block my blow. 

I stumble and fall. I pass out. My eyes are open, but my body is still in the fight. I try to get up, but I am too weak to do anything. I fall and am caught by someone. I look up and realize that I am staring at my father. 

"Zeus," I say, "is that you?"

"Yes, my child," Zeus replies, "It is I."

"Wh….Wh….Why are you here? What happened?"

"You left home and went on a quest again."

"Oh!?" I say, "Is mom here?" I need no answer, for as soon as I turn around, I find my mother. "Hera," I say, "how are you?"

Tears fill her eyes as soon as she sees me. “Promise you won’t go on a quest again! Please! Swear on the river of Styx! Swear!”

"I am a god," I say, "an Olympian. I am Dionysus, the God of wine and madness! I should be allowed to go on quest."

"I know what you are! But you are too young; you were only born last century!" 

"Silence!!! Hera! Dionysus! Stop arguing! Dionysus, your mother is right. You are a young God, but you are also the son of the mighty Zeus. Because of this I will let you go to training camp and train for the next century. If you manage to place first, or if you ask for forgiveness then I will let you fight monsters."Meeting adjourned." 

And, with that, my dad disappeared into thin air. 

"Mom, you know I hate training camp. You know the prophecy! "

"I know, but you know that prophecies always have a double meaning!"

"How can this prophecy have a double meaning?"

"Irrelevant irrelevant, my own son will not chicken out of training camp."

"Fine!!" "But if I die then it is your fault".

 With that I vanish. I appear at my best friend/brothers house. 

"Hercules!" "I say"

"Hey little brother, how are you doing?" ‘Why are you here?"

"Well…I am here because…well…… you know the prophecy right?" 

"Yeah" "says Hercules, it is this one right?"

"The next son of Zeus, whom gets out of camp, without a scratch. Shall be the one to stop the wrath of the Titan who shall has been lost in time."

 ”Well…Zeus and Hera want me to go to camp!”

 I catch my breath and scream. 

"There is a way out of this brother."


"Yes, all you have to do is get hurt once in camp.

 We wrestle (of-course he wins.) and say our goodbyes.

"Later I say."

" See you soon he responds."

 And so I am off across the streets of Olympus. I have lived here my whole life and are still amazed by the beauty, Streets paved in gold, light bulbs that only shine in your favorite color, there are stores everywhere. Some that sell videos while others sell the most exotic plants in the world like the onipytereas which is a plant that fights back when in combat mode so that you can train with it. There are many music shops which sell everything, oh and the streets have this magic spell so that when you walk you can hear any song you want, but everyone is not disturbed by it because only you can hear it. At the end of the street there is a palace which has twelve thrones on it, one for each god. The thrones are for:

Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Apollo, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus,

Aphrodite ,Athena ,Artemis.

 Hades has no throne, even-though he is the brother of my father and Poseidon.

 The thrones are placed in the shape of an U and each look different according to the gods’ need. I once tried to seat down on my fathers throne but got blasted to a million peaces. Good thing I can regenerate. I walk home and listen to “I will Survive” with some slightly different lyrics. Instead of saying I will survive, they say I won’t survive. Yeah! Just what I needed to cheer me up. I get home right before the “lights out” bell rings. Typhon is out there again and he wants revenge. So we set up a “lights out” bell which turns all the light in Olympus off. Welcome to training camp, a voice screams. You’re first challenge is going to be to defeat a monster which is pre-picked for you. Apollo’s children you are first. I close my eyes and are at a party, kids are running everywhere, I turn around and find a young man, Achilles screams to the little kids mother. Time to go! Fine, respond some of the kids. I open my eyes again and are called to battle.

I leave the tent, and appear in a dark and mysterious place, there are no Gods here, I notice. Only…Only…Titans! Release Typhon screams a voice so powerful I know it belongs to Cronus. I hear a creaking noise and turn around. A door the size of one of the hundred-handed ones is there. I gulp and grip my sword.

  block, attack, and repeat that is the rhythm my father used to defeat Typhon last time. The scene changes I can hear the Titans in the audience screaming but I see only darkness. 

"The winner is Typhon!"

 The audince scream, I scream. I know where I am know I am in the inside of Typhon. AHHHHHHH! I wake up and bang my head against the bedside table. (Gods like us can float so we can sleep anywhere.) 

"What time is it?" "I ask."

 As soon as I say those words the clock next to me says it’s time to go to camp sir. 

"Shut up!" "Let me sleep!" 

"Sorry sir I have strict orders from your father." 

Stupid Hephaestus why did I ask him to make me this clock! Outside of camp there is a congratulations sign that shines in gold letters and floats above the head of one of the minor Gods, another sign that says one more year closer to death with a winking face next to it. I am the only new camper here, I feel so…so lame. My first challenge here is to make a my own cabin, I sleep on the floor for a while, and are woken up by the sound of thunder (this is my father’s way of waking people up.)

"I am up! I am up!" "Anything else your highness?" "I ask." Want me to rub your feet?"

 A voice that comes from the sky says. 

"Actually that last part about rubbing,"

"SHUT UP!" I scream, "SHUT UP!"

Hunting is our first class every morning, great I’ll have to get up extra early.

 I finish making my cabin and make myself sleep.

"Hello class" "says the teacher."

"Today I will teach you kids how to hunt a monster." "The first thing that you will need is a monster to hunt." "Your first task is going to be to find a monster."

"Are you not going to show us how to hunt one of the monsters first?"

"Of course not’!"

 Just then the teacher turned into a six headed dog and ran away screaming, you will never hunt me! And with that I passed out.

Waking up in the floor is not the the thing that you want to do in the middle of night, and you definitely never want to wake up in the middle of the night with a six headed dog on top of you.

I walk to the cabin that I made with sticks and rocks, and I crash in the bed. I dream about a girl that was being chased by a monster that has got seventy or eighty heads. The Hydra, I gasp, how did it grow so many heads? How? It…it..it is supposed to have a couple not a million. I grow uncomfortable and the scene changes, I am standing in the middle of the same arena where I fought  Typhon but this time there is no-one here. I look around and spot my father, 

"No it can’t be no!!!"

 I see my father but He has that smile, that smile, that one smile the one that people had when Kronos is controlling them. It can’t be. I wake up and notice that I am floating on top of my cabin. Great! I scream, just what I needed. I curse at my father and get zapped by lighting. I fall off my cabin and get up. I go inside my cabin and sleep on my bed I am waken up by my clock, this time the clock is singing happy birthday, happy birthday to you! 

"Let me sleep!" "Let me eat!" "I need food!"

 Just then I realized that I hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. (gods don’t really eat they get sacrifices which they use to feed themselves.) I look in my pocket and find a fresh bag of grapes and a bottle of wine, stupid mortals always give me wine I never get anything different. I walk outside and are missed by a lighting which hit a couple of inches to the left. 

"What do you want from me?" "What do you want from me?"

Another lightning is shot my way but is blocked by some water that was shot from a river. At least Poseidon likes me. Just then I an hit by a huge wave. I get up and walk to my cabin. I spot a couple more campers, but I ignore them, I walk straight past my best friend and head for the exit, I try to leave but there is a magical magical border that keeps me inside. I head for my cabin and lay flat on the bed. I take a deep breath and say the “magical” words:

"Oh father please forgive me"

As Soon as the words leave my mouth I hear thunder crackling above, I head for the exit, this time the magical boarders do nothing and let me by without a scratch, the dragon that was supposed to fight anyone that leaves camp without a note is hit by lightning and I am free. 

"No more camp!" "No more!"

The first monster that I fought after leaving camp was a rather small hellhound, around the size of a car, it charge, but I dodge with ease and made a quick jab to the heart, the monster lays on the floor for a couple seconds while it disintegrates.

I move quickly, I never stay in the same place twice. I never take a break. I have tasted monster blood and it tastes like glory. I have never tasted anything so sweet.

One night while I was looking at the stars I remembered the prophecy. 

"Oh!" "I forgot about the prophecy!" "nah!" "Prophecies always have a double meaning." 

And so I sleep. I dream about the prophecy and how bad it would be if I really had to fight Cronus. I dream about my father, he is incarcerated, his troops were no where to be seen. I wake up and scream! 

"I must warn him!"

 And so i’m off, I disappear, disappearing is like going through a straw, your body feels like it is being pushed through a small space. I appear on Mt. Olympus, I look for my father but he is nowhere to be found, I look in the throne room and at my house, he is not here, not here. Ahhhhh!

I know why I must do! I run for the temple and get some of my dad’s lightning bolts, I exit Olympus and head straight for the underworld.

 Many people believe that the Underworld is going to be the most depressing place that can possibly exists, but it isn’t that bad, there are trees and houses for the death. Dying is not so much like torture it is more like staying alive but down here, the dead people have to work on the same job that they used to. They fund love and get married and have children. Sometime when a baby dies it’s soul comes to the underworld and is given to a family.

Tartarus is a horrible place it looks like an abandoned house, I enter through the door and there standing on a table is Zeus. 

"Father" "I scream!" "Father!" 

I run and hug him as soon as I touch him he starts to cry. His crying is unstoppable I whisper the words, let’s fight. 

"How can I fight?" "he screams!" "I don’t have my lightning bolts."

"I brought you some!" "I say."

 I untie him and give him his blots, 

"let’s fight!"

 And with that my father disappears. Great! Alone! Again! I see a shadow which then becomes a man. He looks just like my father, same black hair, same green eyes, I look into his eyes, and he looks into mine. Here standing in front of me is a man, just like my father, except he has a smile, I know that smile, Cronus I say. I charge but are slowed down it is as though as time itself is slowing down. It is says Cronus. I use my sword to pierce a hole where his heart is, but my sword just passes harmlessly through him.

Just then I hear the sound of the sea, and lightning, with a little bit of screams, just then Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades pooped up behind Cronus, go my child, let us fight him and send him back to Tartarus. I try to argue but are shoved all the way back to Olympus by a huge wave. I wake up, 

"I…I… Am at my house?" 

"Yes my son." "says my father" 

"So it was all a dream?"

" Of course not!"

" How?" "How did I do?"

"Oh you were excellent," "you know, mortals are already making stories about you."

May  21st.  2010

Religion project update

posted 4 years ago

This week I got most of my project done. I finished my myth, which turned out to be sort of like a story instead of a myth, this is because a myth explains something that the Greeks didn’t understand and my story is more like a legend, this is because I couldn’t think of something that the Greeks hadn’t already made a myth for. I will get someone to edit my me story on monday. I will be done by Monday.

May  19th.  2010

Evoulution vs ID

posted 4 years ago

I think that this was a very interesting case which was, infact, started from something small and got way too out of hand. I think that the case was not so much about a one minute statement read every, in every science class, the real point was to see if ID was a science which of course it is not. The case should have been much simpler and much more about wether a one minute sentence should be read or not. I think that the trail was just a big waste of time and money, this is because the teachers and the schoolboard could probably have solved this in a much simpler fashion. I think that ID should not be tought in a classroom as a science, but it should be tought as a contradicting side to science. It should be tought because science has many gaps, which this theory does not, I believe that every student should be able to make up their mind about their belief system. On the other side religion is not a science and should not be tought in a science classroom, this is what some other people. Eventhough I agree with that I think that every public school should have the one minute statement read to the kids, and every kid should decide. Now I also think that it would be a good idea that not every kid should have to learn evolution, I think that every school should read the statement and that each school should have two classes one that teaches the evolution theory and one that teaches creationism.

Overall I think that ID should not be in a science classroom, however every cud should get to pick which theory they want to learn. Do they want to learn creationism or evolution. And every public school should have a classroom that teaches evolution and one that teaches creationism.